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FLAT GLASS PRO-INSTALLERS 4-8mil - approx 5.50 sq.ft. TINT DUDE OK&#39

Guest Almo

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I can't believe the horror stories of idjuts wanting to only pay installers 30 cents or 50 cents a square foot for install work.

WHO THE HELL can afford to keep a vehicle going, buy fresh blades and keep afloat on that crap? GEEEEZUZZZZ, let alone put some food on the table for the wife and kids!

OK, here is the deal.

My little company has done very well and here in N.America I sell only on line through my website. However, I have only access to an installer in LA, Kentucky and Arkansas.

I need installers EVERYWHERE, and this is how it works.

The customer purchases film directly from me based on their measurements. (They can send me the measurements and I will figure out what they need). I only sell in 36, 48, 60 inch 4 mil 2 ply, and the same in 7mil (plus 72inch).. and in 8 mil, 60 inch only. I sell only in those widths and a minimum of 10 linear feet. All films come in a certain width x a multiple of 10 linear feet... make sense? :dunno

The customer either installs the film on their own,(USUALLY BUYS 4 MIL 2 PLY) OR.. they ask me to have an installer contact them for installation. I tell them that the install only fee is about 5.50 per square foot, with a minimum of 250.00 call out fee to do any work. They either like it, or they don't.. simple enough. BUT THEY ALWAYS PAY. I don't get the money for the install, the installer does. ( I make money on the film sale, cause they pay for film in advance)

All I want is 50 cents a square foot for the job, and I understand the fee only comes to me when you get paid. (Yeah... I am a trusting fool) BUT.. burn me once and you will never get a job from us again)

If you are interested in doing this , can warranty your work, have a good track record and want more work.. please contact me by emailing me.

You CAN reply to this post but I don't know how often I will get back here.

Talk soon, and remember to "keep your stick on ice"


Shatter Safe

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When a customer wants an on-site estimate for measuring.

I tell them the fee is $250.00 to send a pro for measuring.

If they go ahead with the job, the 250.00 comes off the final installation price.

( I would want you to split this with me... I knock my price by 125, you knock yours by 125 WHEN you get the job).

Yea I know I am taking a chance on the odd installer stealing a job from me.. but.. what the hell.. stuff happens.


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Wow! I should try this. All I have to do is stop paying for all the ads so I don't waste my money competing with myself and help a guy that is only 1500 miles away sitting behind a desk make himself alot of money.

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I am not suggesting that you, or anyone else abandon what is working for you and how you make money.

All that I am suggesting is that I send qualified installers to jobs they never would have gotten in the first place.

Look at it like a little gravy for not spending a dime..



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