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Tint a coach or bus?

Guest saf777

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Hi, I have a an enquiry to tint a bus but I dont know how much to charge, I have looked at previous posts and fimmo has a pic of exactly the kind of coach which he has done. This is my first and it is very very big. Any suggestions?


Oh but I have just realised it is the same length but with 6 bigger windows and I will only have to tint drivers window backwards. so 7 windows including the rear screen. I think the biggest window is L 84 inches H 38

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Charge by the sq. ft. according to how difficult the job is going to be. Charge per square you would be happy with if it's easy, if it has rubber seals or whatever to make it more difficult add an extra dollar or two for a pain in the a** fee.

The pain in the A** fee is right on

Charge as much as its worth for YOUR time

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