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new lil johnny joke

Guest Crackz

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the teacher introduced a new game to the class today. it was a word game . so she ask's the class if anyone knows a word that begins with s. lil johnny rasing his hand grunting oh I know oh oh I know she says im not going to pick johnny cause he is going to say Shiit. so she picks jenny go ahead jenny. jenny says soda . very very good jenny .. next she says does anyone know a word that begins with h .johnny again grunting oh oh I know im not picking johnny cause he is going to say hell . mikey go ahead he say helicopter very very good mikey...does any one know a word that begins with r grunting with all his might this time oh oh oh I know I know says johnny. the teacher thinks to her self I cant think of anything bad with r. go ahead johnny he says a rat with big fuckking balls this big OO :lol :lol :lol

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