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Turn your car into a hydro car

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:angel not sure, that's alot of info to read, I'm gonna eat some dinner, and then I'll start reading up on it :lol2

dont forget the booster seat at the table you wouldnt want to make a mess :angel:dunno

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Guest Key West

It's actually old technology. It was called a "Water Injector". Popular Science and Popular Mechanics sold 'em out of the classifieds back in the '60s. The US Gov't put water injectors on alot of jeeps in WW 1 and 2. The THEORY is that O2 and hydrogen burn. The down side is that in the H2O combo, they are damn near inseparable. The engine DID run alot cooler, and showed less wear(?) over time. Way less carbon build up. They claim it increased MPG and HP, but I don't know. I am re-interested in it tho... There WAS something to it. It's supposedly pretty easy, so I believe that I'll research it on the 'net, and do it myself rather than pay a company money for quite possibly nothing. (God, now I sound like one of the folks who call me for tint!!) I just wish someone would figure out how to separate the Oxygen and hydrogen in water. But if they did, we'd probably NEVER hear about it 'cuz the oil comanies would buy thye rights to the patent and bury it!!!

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