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llumar film

Guest strictlytinting

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Guest mhun9180
does llumar film have an expiration date ?

Not a published one anyway :rollin All film will deteriorate to some extent over the years but this depends on a large number of factors such as exposure to uv, heat, humidity, etc. All these are hard to quantify though. How old is the stock and how has it been stored?

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Guest darkdan

I've found old film has more "curl" during the install, but after you squeegee it down it's just fine.

I'm currently using some 3 year old film that has gone through plenty of heat cycles in the freezing MN winter and super hot and humid summers we have.

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Guest Key West

2 Weeks. After that, it's shot. If you have any thats 2 weeks old from the date you recieved it, PM me and I'll send you some pre paid boxes so you can send it to me for disposal. :rollin

Seriously, the only thing I've seen affect film is extreme temp/humidity fluctuation. The liner gets to be a REAL bitch to peel after a while in a trunk or pick up bed!

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