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2008 torrent? anybody tint one yet?

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your hands :spit pull up and back on the top of the panel. it'll pop back, then grab the gasket and yank it out.

duh... feel stupid for asking. I was thinking remove the door panel. I just popped the little triangle panel right out and pull the gasket back. still an inch of it at the bottom of the door. but I think I can get around it. or did you mean pull out the whole top of the door panel? thanx. big help.


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If there is just an inch of gasket just below the top of the door panel then you pull the gasket. I dont pull them if they follow the whole window channel down inside the door. Too hard to put back in.

So if you can pull it out easily than do so. Tint the windows, come back and put the gaskets back in. Bingo!! done!! :spit

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