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Your description in the window tinting industry

What is your roll  

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  1. 1. ie owner, owner - operator - true employee, contract employee

    • owner (I own a shop and employee a window tinter, I do not tint)
    • owner - operator ( I own a shop and tint)
    • owner - operator (I am mobile, no shop)
    • contract employee (I receive a 1099 and pay my own taxes)
    • true employee (I get a check and taxes are withheld)

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owner - operator ( I own a shop and tint)

Not sure what the difference would be if you have employees or not :spit If you own a shop and tint then choose this one.

I think it's how you have the other options worded :lol2 No big deal but thier is a big differance if you are using this data for research. If just you wanted to know it would be no differant.

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I usually assume a owner with employees who tints is more like a dude w/ a sidekick....These guys spend the majority of their time in the trenches making the 'work' happen.

Where a owner w/ employees who doesn't tint (every day at least.. haha!) is more the 'traditional' business owner.... These guys spend the majority of thier time building the 'business' direction.

Confused ??? I may be too! :beer:beer

Crud! You already changed it!! :beer Now I need to change my vote.... :rollin:rollin

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