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World's most expensive

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Helo EveryBody!!!

As all companies write release I aldso decide to do so. This is not release - but this is just news, which is posted here at TintDude (I don't post in my blog yet).

So World Most Expensive Tint.

As all world gossips like to speak abput anything "most......." I make a decision to manufacture also something MOST.

As I am dealing with window films - of course most it will be WORLD MOST EXPENSIVE WINDOW FILMS.

That idea was born when we madxe World Most Expensive MiniLimo - firstly I creadted PINK tint but we thought about something super-puper exclusive for side glasses. And during my :thumb (where is vodka avatar???? :beer ) with factory people idea of 999 GOLD-PLATINUM WINDOW FILMS WAS BORN.

This is not gold looking film like we all see many times - every MFG have GOLD REFLECTIVE in their sample book. This is very light - from one side, and very expensive - from other film with 999 GOLD (or PLATINUM) coating.

Our prices on this product start from Eur ??,000 (it's not allowed to post any prices here :beer ). This will be exclusive on request product.

Customer can choose material he want to coat on film - silver (Ag), gold (Au), platinum (Pt), tungsten (Tg) or - whatever, it can be also Silicone (Si).

Also customer can see HOW NATURAL GOLD ARE SPUTERRED ON WINDOW FILM, to be sure that this is real GOLD and no jokes.

So first customers was ourselfes with MiniLimo.

And here is second car. Car which also born in Riga, but was made far away from. And like our films it is product of many countires and have no citizenship.

Like our film this car follow traditions of industry born in Riga (this car was born at eraly 1900 th).

Enjoy this car.

Enjoy natural PLATINUM (exact on this car) film......

:lol2 I am stuff-writer!!! BINGO!!!

This is Russo-Baltique Impression

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