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Guest socalwheel

hey Forum Shop Owners

how's it goin' ?

this is quite a resource...congrats on the successful and active tinter community....!

I've lurked forever but finally jumped in the shallow end of the pool and registered for this forum today...as we are looking to get the word out we are selling our near new Graphtec plotter...

We are SoCal Wheel Division/ECR and SoCal ProTint Division/ECR with our shop in Cerritos, California (LA county).

We were formed in 1983 and in our current Cerritos location since 2003.




We have long been "under the radar"...about 80% of our business is wholesale serving new car dealers and fleets with OE chrome wheel exchange, wheel repair, accessories and window tint services...we deliver wholesale services during the week and retail/public tint on Saturdays. this helps in scheduling and keeping us focused..

with more Tint Shops than Liquor Stores in LA, there is little business case to get into "we are cheaper" game...we position our shop as "not being the cheapest steakhouse in town...just the best." its all about customer service and we try with each customer to over-deliver.

our average wholesale tint is $220 and our retail prices are usually in the $270 - 320 range per car. we include free thirty day follow-up inspection to be sure the curing went as planned...

we remove door panels on most cars and use both Johnson & Global films.

ok, thanks for the opp to join and looking forward to more great posts.

if you are ever in the Cerritos area, give me a call 562-924-6070.


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