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Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold

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Guest willie
Monday it was 80, the next day it snowed, today it was pretty nice and tomorrow its supposed to snow again :lol6

This weather is insane :gasp

I hear yah, it has given us a break from a few practices and our Monday night High School soccer game :rollin

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Same in IL to MDog. Sunday was 75 then it snowed Monday night with a couple of inches down in low 30s and killed my business this week. The snow just melted this afternoon with temps in mis 40s. :rollin

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Guest Marco
I know what you mean. It was 60 and clear ,monday, cold 30 deg and constant rain tuesday, Woke up to 2 inches of snow this AM...WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys didn't catch the ice storm? Everything was covered in ice within an hour of that storm and finally it's melting today. The weather aint right :eyebrows

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We didnt get anything here but a light snow shower. Just enough to get the pavement wet for a while. About 20 miles either south or east of here there were getting 2-4 inches. We were right on the edge :spit

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