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Name change

Guest mattstronguk

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Guest mattstronguk

Hi everyone,

I am branching out into selling and installing auto styling accessories and feel that a name change would be appropriate to generate more business and more high end clients.

As some of you on this forum have commented that my company name only appeals to high school kids I would like some feedback on my new company name and logo.



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I would keep what you have.....

tint your ride tells me you do 'tint' and I relate that to an 'accessory'.... so bringing on more accessories would seem natural....

I think people would not know what to relate 'matech' to...

I WOULD however look at re-designing the 'tint your ride' to be a bit less 'trendy' and a bit more 'timeless'

just my two cents..... :olfa

In fact.. after looking at the background of the new logo... I would relate matech to outer space... ???

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