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Lexus LS460

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I have a customer that has a 07 Lexus LS 460 and she cant use the factory nav unit unless she is stopped. Is there a simple pocedure to uninstall that so it can still be used while not parked? or is this the reason that Lexus did that for safety issues which could be understood. I just do window tint no electronics or is someone close to my area that can help her with this?

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Guest ninjatinter

Hey bud,

In those types of situations I will usually refer them back to the dealer as it is a new car. Nav should work while you are moving. If they are trying to mod the nav screen for movies and crap they will have to go to some type of shady stereo guy as I am sure it is a big time no no. Sorry my first post was short, custy walked in. :spit

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