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Guest yogi2187

I am looking to see if anyone has any full rolls or bulk rolls of quality tint; they want to sell for a descent price?

My son is very ill and bills are killin me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone have any Full rolls or bulk rolls of quality film they would be intrested in selling,for a fair price? I'm tryin to keep my overhead expenses down to treat my son. I am looking preferably for 40" rolls of 35% and 20%.

So if you have a descent brand you have layin around and don't use anymore please contact me. So I can keep my shop up and runnin;while still bein able to treat my son;who now has cancer at the age of 11 yrs old.



(Frank) Please PM me or E-Mail me at wausautint@yahoo.com

Thanks again and I hope I can get your help with this it would be greatly appreciate it :thumb

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