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My Volvo

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The wagon was actin weird so I decided to check it out, bad upper motor mount.. Then decided to clear the codes. Came across a way to look up actual mileage on these cars, my odometer has been broken since I've owned it. I was told it had "just" gone out when I looked at it.. It had 175k on it, I figured "just" meant a year or two ago..

I looked it up, turned out to be at 243k wow, I've put about 10k on it.. Ha ha ha this is a true high mileage car.

Ordered, one lower control arm w/ the balljoint, one motor mount bushing, two camshaft seals and a corner lamp for $120 shipped... damn I love these cars!

Its a 850 Wagon 1994 non turbo FWD Hollaaaaaa

its the suns glare, I didnt limo my windshield, rockin 35% on the front rollies


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Guest Beeline

My mom bought my dad a 740 GLE for christmas in 1986. It had 12 miles on it. We used it for everything. Sold it for $1000 with over 300K on it.

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