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I would like to ask you regular members if you would like to make donations for the young boy who races motocross that my company sponsor's. We live in Atlanta, and he has been chosen to race in Irving Tx April 5th in the KTM Junior Challenge. It is a huge , huge honor to be invited to race at this event. Yet, the family's are completely responsible for paying the whole way. I have given so much in the last year to his racing effort and It's difficult to give much more than I already do. He is a good kid, does well in school(which is a strict requirement for this race), his parents are good, hard working people,and like most people, just get by money wise. This would be a great help to them. You can donate any amount you want to my pay pal account. We can't offer anything really in return, just the satifaction of helping a good family do something positive with they're son. You can see Tyler and his trophys on my website at www.hurricanetint.com. you can pm me and I will give you the email for paypal.

Thanks for your time, 1PEEC :thumb

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