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Cutting back??

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So with gas prices increasing with no letup in sight, and everything else going up, what are some things you've cut back on??

I've been going thru all my "fun" expenses.. ie. netflix, going out to the movies, etc. and trying to reduce what I can.

I'm not eating out as much... instead I'm eating more at home, which while it might not be a whole lot cheaper, it's better food.

I also try to consolidate my trips... doing what I need all at once and not going back and forth from place to place.

When it gets warmer, I might start riding my bike to the gym, since I normally do 30 min of cardio anyway..

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consumer spending is dropping and especially fast in terms of credit card purchases... You cant use $5 or $10 to put gas in the car so you pop it on the card. This is causing people to really slow down on credit card purchases on other items...

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