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who would like to see a DR bronze?

Guest tintgod

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Guest General Sun Shield

Not a big market here for bronze :thumb

I only did one house with N1050B and a Post office With N1020B in 2007.

Every residential job seems to go for more of a neutral color ,N1065 is a big residential seller.

Bronze was big here about 15 years ago though :thumb

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Guest krivera418

hey my custy too not to crazy for silver anymore they like the n'z and dr put some dl the other day its' flat sweet look nice and dark

dl15 not much for bronze but I like the bronze on some commercial and houses it's looks great but they don't like it

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Guest darkdan

I think Vista has one.

I didn't know the Sunscape Select Soft bronzes were DR....I thought they were just R, but less R.

I'm moving away from DRs.

Between haze, oil slick appearance from compact florescent bulbs, and the fact they contain dye....I'd rather just install bronze.

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