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We will be holding our first conference call later this evening with our two new board members.

Our objective will be to bring the two recent additions up to speed and finally get our association moving forward.

For better, or worse these delays in our logistical efforts has brought us very near to the end of the first quarter, 2008.

The economic challenges facing the nation have a direct effect on our combined ability to be profitable and face a consumer that has low confidence and is holding tight to their pocketbook. The rising gas prices at the pump and the constant drum beat in all media about how bad the recession is or will be, has clearly had a negative impact on all of us, collectively.

Manufacturers (something I might be somewhat familiar with) are also facing hard decisions as they navigate through these downward times. It brings to mind that old quote about "Experts built the Titanic, amateurs built the Ark"

I have my own blog entry about their recent "creative" activities.


I'll admit up front that the selling direct to car dealer issue is important to many of you. I am not as versed in the angles to this issue as those of the other members and will try to gather more knowledge about these efforts. Help would be appreciated!

We will update this site (by the way, that Snafu name may have outlived the humorous aspects of our initial stumbling?)

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Mike Feldman

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