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In light of things that have happened here

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I never really thought about Roid Rage I have to admit. I dont hang with bodybuilder types. After seeing some things on this forum recently I have to admit that this may in fact be REAL.I have a video for everybody to look at and discuss :thumb:evilgrin Tell me if this reminds you of anybody :rollin OR things you may have seen on the forum in the last couple weeks.I feel sorry for people that are using steroids. These people must have something missing in their life to make them do this. The overwhelming urge to feel accepted by their peers I guess, when they dont get what the need which is their ego stroked they turn it up a notch to get some attention the desperately want.Has anybody ever experienced "ROID RAGE" in person :thumb I mean other than THis forum? HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA.

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