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Thats sound funny - but, yes I opened this topic - HEAT SHRINKING.

And I will explain why.

People get new films and:

Leo - it's bad shrinking

Leo - it's good shrinking

Leo - it's acceptable but can be better.

My question is - when You receive new sample of film


And what feedback did You get?

Or this questions can be asked only from Young dudes who try to eat old dudes pie? :evilgrin

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Guest Da Beach


Hey Leo....it's the factory asking you, "try out this new film, we've made it better (cheaper) to last longer (they have no idea) and at no additional cost (becasue they learned to make it cheaper).


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Guest zolar

I think your films shrink nicely :thumb

however, they are different from conventional films I have tried

they seem to have more of a PVC (vinyl) character

than a PET (polyester)

some of this may be attributed to the liner

not the film :thumb

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When I try new filmz I do it allways on the same car (my Old Opel) :tantrum so I can feel whats different.

and if I got a problem with the Film, I give the producer a feedback what I think about it,

and sometimes I learn some tricks from their support how it works better.

I think thats a normal procedure isnt it? :eyebrows

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