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And you think Dealerships were the only....

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Here is an email message I got from my Window Blind guy I get alot of referrals from:

"Budget Blinds has come out with a private label film. They

drop ship it to me and then we (you) install it. I've asked them to send

me the tech. specs for you to review. I'd like to get your opinion on

the film. I guess it's a ceramic based film?? I'll send you the specs

when I get them. Would you be interested in doing a job 'labor only' if

I supply the film"

I am curious as to what "no Name" company is selling to Budget Blinds? At least I don't have to worry about my guy trying to install it himself as he has already stated he has no interest in learning to install it himself. I just hope he doesnt go out and hire some hack for $10/hr to install his new "private label" film. That would suck. I will have to get him to sign some agreement that he does not do that if I start working for labor only and charging him per sqft price.

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There's been a couple threads about BB doing this.... I don't recall the details, just that one of the film companies was doing this.

Getting some kind of agreement in writing would definitely be a good idea for ya though. Does this guy send you a lot of work?


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I dont think it is 3M because he used to use the national 3M thing but he switched to using me because he wasnt getting a single cent from them. I am just curious to know if budgetblinds will be doing some in house training on window tinting so their dealers/dealer employees can eventually do their own tint installs. Just more damn competition if that ends up happening. UGH!!!!!

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