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E46 coupe and metallized film

Guest marcm

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Guest marcm

Hi All,

Looking to tint an E46 coupe with film 35% all round (I dont want to look like a pimp if yer get me!!!) but am in a bit of a quandry about what to get....

a) metallized film = fantastic heat rejection and more light throughput for level of heat rejection.

b) dyed film = poor heat rejection for the light level.

I ask because I would really like to use the metallized but because the aerial is in the rear screen will it cause a problem with FM reception ?

I dont have inbuilt nav so wont be a problem with GPS.

I have tried to source ceramic film but there are no suppliers I can find in the UK for a reasonable price... so far been quoted 4* the price of the metallized stuff.

Looking at using the Opticool film.

Any suggestions anyone ? Just wondering if and why it would effect the FM reception as the film is behind the aerial. :dunno



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