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Got Out Of Jail Early


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What's up guys I missed this place!!! I wrote the judge a good letter asking to modify my sentence and consider early release. He knocked 2 months off and let me out, but stuck me with 66 days work program. I'd rather work for free, than lose out on being with my family though. So here I am back on Tintdude once again. Now I got to pick the pieces up and try and revive my business. I lost my building but I kept all my accounts and everything else going. Today I transferred my number over to my cell phone and the phone is still ringing off the hook so it looks like as soon as I get in my new building things will fall in to place little by little. I found a new shop down the street from my old one for $1000 cheaper a month and they are building a waiting area and office in the inside for me cause it was all warehouse before. The only downfall is I'm going to be right next door to a sign shop so I can't place signs up outside the building saying anything about signs, I don't want to step on any toes. The sign guy had me tint windows for him before so if anything I might be able to get something worked out with him. I only do vinyl signs and graphics but he does all types of signs, so maybe he can give me a good rate on printing vinyl for me so I can do wraps without having to buy my own printer. :dunno

Well anyways guys I'm glad to be back

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