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Toyota Matrix Tint

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Guest linkx2252

Hey guys.

New poster here, been reading through this section and just kind of observing for now, but now I have a couple questions.

I'm looking to throw a window tint on my 04 red Matrix. Althought legal is 50 percent here in ohio, im comtemplating doing 20 or 25 all the way around because I heard you won't be pulled over for it much because cops really dont care that much.

I've never gotten a tint or looked into it before at all really, and was looking at some advice. I was going to go to a local place that I know a couple people went to and got tint jobs ( Its called "TST" I think? Idk if its local or a chain ) and see what they have to offer. Any certain qeustions or things I should look out for when getting a tint? colors, percentages, brands, prices, anything like that? Any general advice?


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Guest darkdan

My friend in Cleveland got stopped for 35% up front (metered 42% because someone's bronze faded in 13 months). Then when he was up here we redid it and he was rolling with 70% up front (metering 55%) and 35% in back (metering 42%) he got stopped again!

Cop felt stupid when it metered legal.

Apparently Cleveland cops care.

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Guest OnTheDarkside

My post may be too late to help your decision, but I applied 50% all around on a friends acura 1.5 EL and I was shocked at how good it looked. I thought 50% all around would be a waste of time, but it had a very classy appearance and my friend loved it.

I've recently noticed that I dont like the mixed %'s from front to back windows. I think it looks way better when its all the same, all around. :DD

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