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What do you think about last weeks projects???

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Here is what we did last week, we did 4 of the box trucks and one partial race car and a full wrap race car...let us know what you think!



Also, need some opinions...

buying a new car, of course we will tint it and put PPF on it, but should I do a partial wrap or full wrap, we already have our truck fully wrapped...

and I have a really good custy that wants their car partial wrapped, he goes to a lot of shows and always places as long as he has our graphics on his cars, we have done 3 cars for him, and he just finished a 85 Monte Carlo, anyway, he gets our name out there, and his cash flow is slow right now, so should I give him a deal on a partial wrap to get it out there or should I just quote him and wait for him to get the money up for the graphics?


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