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bad tint job?

Guest G371

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whats up guys,

just got my Infiniti G37 tinted 10% on the sides and 5% in the rear, and today when I looked closely it looked bad, in my Quarter glass window you could see that little track thing doesnt go in a full circle, it has missing parts ?defrosting lines? (dont know how to explain it sorry see pics) and there a few defects on my driver and pass windows. ( razor cut lines), now my question is that where can I find a really good window tinter in New York, perferably long island, but could travel anywhere in ny to get the job done right.


drivers window


rear window


the quarter glass promblem


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On the back glass and quarter glass it looks like the dot matrix needs to be pressed down. This is completely normal. On the drivers door that is residue left over from the factory stickers that the installer failed to clean properly. If I was you I would set an appointment up to have the drivers window done over and ask if they can press down the matrix a little better. Unfortunately the matrix issue isn't the fault of the tinter, the dots around the window don't always allow the tint to lay evenly, so the effect you are having is unavoidable.

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hey g371.sorry bout the bad experience.my name is jack taravella,im in howard beach queens.try to get your money back from that $99 tinter.I will do the removal for free and do it the right way.I do at least 5 G37 a week.7188488502.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

A- your film is illegal on the front doors

B- if you press down on the matrix on the 1/4 glass, it'll lay down

C- same thing as B on the bottom of the back glass

D- your film is illegal on the front doors

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Guest Crackz

I can take care of the car nice for you im in long island east meadow give me a call when you are ready but I would give your original tinter the chance to make it right for you first if any problems with him have him strip it and I will tint you up real nice check out my website for some of my info and work and sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your tint job thanks joe d


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