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Radio Active Film?

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Guest Thetintcenter

Dear Window Film Professional,

The release of Geoshield's new Dark Matter automotive films has been delayed to April 30th, 2008 by the Environmental Protection Agency. After allegations that Geoshield's Dark Matter film was not a "Ceramic Window Film," the EPA conducted an extensive investigation into the composition of these films. The EPA found the Dark Matter film to contain radioactive materials of unknown origin. The EPA and Geoshield have advised all those who have purchased the Dark Matter film to handle with extreme caution. Geoshield is offering its dealers the option of returning any unused film or purchasing a lead vest to be used to during the installation process. When asked for comment, Geoshield's President Burns Mulhearn stated, "It may be radioactive but it is a black ceramic film that is media and installer friendly; you can't have it all." If you have been exposed to Dark Matter window films please contact Geoshield at www.geoshieldusa.com for a Hazardous Material Data Sheet.

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