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Just came across this tool from one of my professors. This allows you to research your market segmentation for free, there are way ill services for a fee there but the free stuff is still great. The only downfall is each segment is labeled with a weird name so you have to look up that name for the exact details but the name is generally easily understood from a glance.

Its a free service, not as cool as the subscription but still worth checking out.



My market using this search:

PRIZM NE, Claritas' newest segmentation system defines every neighborhood in the U.S. in terms of 66 distinct lifestyle types using ground-breaking segmentation techniques. You can get a first look at your neighborhood using PRIZM NE using MyBestSegments.com.

Midland, MI 48640's most common PRIZM NE Segments are:

33 Big Sky Families

37 Mayberry-ville

10 Second City Elite

13 Upward Bound

48 Young & Rustic

Midland, MI 48640's most common P$YCLE NE Segments are:

33 Cut-Rate Country

45 Greenback Acres

36 Paying It Down

51 Starter Ranches

57 Young Urban Renters

Midland, MI 48640's most common ConneXions NE Segments are:

43 Bucolic Basics

32 Family Dishes

29 IM Nation

53 Last to Adopt

26 Rural Transmissions

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is this what they are teaching in school ?? :)

yeah real dumb stuff... who'd wanna know what the market in their area is like??? I understand living and operating gives you great insight but sometimes we are in areas so large that assistance with the click of a mouse is pretty damn handy.

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I firmly believe a person should find out about their surrounding area...

but IM Nation ?? Rural Transmissions ??

Not trying to clown on ya.. I just don't understand how any of that info can be the slightest bit helpful...

Before I saturate a area I like to know the median age,income levels for the area.. I can get lists of vehicle populations and look for condensed areas of luxury vehicles... but what would I do with info about Big Sky Families ??

sorry dude...

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Each of the three searches provides insight into who is living in your market. The terms you dont understand are just quick nicknames for each market segment. If you look at the definition list you can easily decipher what it means.

The last search that you are having trouble with is best used to determine who uses the internet in your market, then you can determine if its worth marketing that way or not. IM nation for example would refer to teens who sit on instant messenger all day, not really the folks we need to hit.

Its good info and free, take a minute to understand what its providing and I'm sure you can get something out of it.

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Thanks for the explain FiveO :krazy

Sorry for bein rude bro, I got a bit of tude these days. :rollin

my search came back with different categories- HICK FAMILIES...REDNECK FAMILIES...and COUNTRY BUMPKINS! :beer:beer

Hmmm.... Suprised? :beer

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