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Speaker of the House

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Well as you may know, I worked out a deal with a Budget Blind Franchise owner here in town and it has worked out great for both of us. I decided to contact another BB owner on the other part of town and was supposed to meet with them today to discuss some sort of deal. Well I get a call from her today and she asked if we could meet next week when all the territory BB owner will be meeting. In other words every BB owner in Central Ohio area (10 or so) will be there. So now my little one on one meeting has turned into me speaking to a group of about 40 people....Maybe I will just picture all of them in their underwear...lol Good for business, but I hate doing any sort of public speaking to large groups of people....One on One and I am fine. Since my origional BB guy referred about 12 jobs to me last year, this could possibly make that number multiply by 10.....Nice!!!!! Wish me luck...

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Guest darkdan

I just did sales training for a place on tuesday.

I went in there with three ring binders with samples in there.

I made a flow chart for film selection to help train them in.

I printed off the causes of fading pie chart (actually made it and printed it).

Brochures, etc.

I trained them for about an hour and set them loose.

Obviously I had the flow chart and pie chart laminated to really look professional.

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Easy money

It is the same if you were inside of a house talking to a husband and wife. They are there to listen to what you know.

No selling involved, just dog and pony show

I enjoy doing those

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