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Some cool pics

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:thumb you got bigger pictures, and I still can't see what you did :thumb:lol2

Oh wait, that's the point isn't it :dunno looks good

yea but the man has skills!

he has posted way many more pics of PPF than anyone else on this board.

I would never think twice of hiring this man in my company. we tint alot of cars. and buildings.

we do PPF but we just dont have the time do it much.

my hats off to TINTZEUS. he is the god of PPF and Cell PHone pics :lol2

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Thanks for that comment TINT. I have put alot of time and effort into our industry and have always strived the be better then the guy next to me. But as we all know there is always someone we can learn from ...and that is what makes us the best.

Thanks for that....means alot... :beach


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