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SAi getting into tint& PPF patterns

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this company has awesome design software, we run 7.5 and 8.5 with our cutters and printers, so if the patterns are anything like their programs it will be expensive, but probably right on...

:twocents however when they came out with the Flexi 8.0 version it had a lot of problems, it was marketed as the latest and greatest,

but had a bunch of compatibility issues. So they, instead of fixing the software problems with patch software, just released the 8.5 version and charged 8.0 users for the upgrade. And these weren't small problems either, you couldn't run the software without the upgrade on a lot of computers....so their customer service was slammed over that issue...and the 8.0 software wasn't cheap...so I might wait and let someone else get the bugs out before we invest....

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