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It Takes A Thief

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I got a customer asking me to come out and give him an estimate for about 13 windows and two doors using safety film. He said he saw the stuff on that show "It Takes A thief". I personally love that show and not just because it really advertises the safety and security film all the time, but because its pretty cool. Makes me think about upgrading my security measures at home. The funniest part of the conversation is, he said that stuff is pretty expensive huh? It's like $25 per sf right? I told him nah, not that much....lol I wonder if he still would of wanted me to come out if I said nah, its only $20 per sf.....lol Anybody else get any customers calling after seeing SS film on that show? Hey Class on Glass maybe you should contact that show and work out a deal with them so we can see your ugly mug on TV...They only do homes/businesses in the New York area.

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