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No one's shown any bike seats in awhile....

Guest sewing_guy

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Guest sewing_guy

I just got done with a custom cover on a Harley about 2a.m. this morning. The guy had his first ride today at 9a.m., and stupid me promised it would be ready, despite getting loaded in the shop the last few weeks. There's a backrest that will match the design, but it's not done yet. He said his wife won't be riding with him for a week or two.

To start, I hollowed out the cushion one inch at the rider's seat, on the base and the little upright tailbone area. I put in 1" of gel pad into the hollow. Further up the main seat nad on the buddy seat area I hollowed it out 1/2" and laid in a 1/2" gel pad. Then covered them all with 1/8" foam. Then added another 1/2" foam on the main seat area. It feels fairly stiff to me when I push on it (moreso than when I do a foam replacement). I'm going to have to talk to the owner and see if he liked it on his ride.

The only resemblance to the original cover is the opening at the top of the crown for a driver backrest post to fit through. He plans on adding one in the future. Otherwise, I used my patterning stock and laid out the design according to the customer's ideas. The bottom uses black Carbon Fiber vinyl, sewn to a center section of Ostrich vinyl. The tribal flames are a silver Carbon Fiber drawn out to match the paint job on the rest of the bike.

He was happy with it this morning when he picked it up.





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