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Guess what I did today

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I entered a window tinting contest.

My first round my heatgun died. Out of 8 tinters that were tinting my outlet was the only one that blew :rollin

But I kept going, it was by far a perfect window but made it to the next round.

I did not make it past that one. But damn I felt like I was a fish in a tank about to be eatin. :rollin everyone was watching me like I was a martian or something :rollin

:tantrum I guess that is what happens when you are the only girl there!

Oh and I got this about 4 or 5 times "I have never seen a lady tinter before!" :rollin

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did mr p. compete?

Nope, he did it a couple of years ago. He just came for moral support. I think he was more nervous for me than I was :rollin

I thought he was gonna explode when the damn outlet kept blowing.

I breifly wanted to give up, rip the damn tint off and say screw it. But I didn't and I am glad I did not give up. My second window was pretty good. Cut was good, no fingers, edge was good... but I had a speck right in the middle of it.

There were some very good tinters there. I was impressed and everyone was very nice. Noone was bragging about all the cars they can tint or anything like that.

It was a lot of fun and I am glad I can say I did it :tantrum

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