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Well, its been quite some time since Ive been around the board. So heres a little quick update...After quiting my tinting job I dabbleded in plumbing for awhile since it paid better..But after a few short weeks of that I found it just wasnt for me ;). So I quit that and I got hired on at a Granite and Stone fabrication shop. Where I make granite counter tops all day..I spend my day out in the field measuring houses for counter tops and then I come back and spend the rest of my day programing a quarter million dollar CNC machine (something I never would have thought I would be doing). So thats what I am up to now days...

And now for the good stuff...My new job has allowed me to buy a house, which is nice since I have a littel baby boy due the end of may...The best part about the house is the fact that it also has a 4 car detached garage which is now my new home for window tinting...Its perfect..Only been moved into the new house about a week and have already done 4 cars... :evileye I love it...I never would have thought I enjoyed tinting as much as I do since having such a long break form it ;)

anyways Thats it....Lifes good and (this is the year of the dollar)!!! I will be coming up in the world this year ;)

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