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$4.00 gallon gas by summer!! "Why?"

Guest tallscott

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Guest tallscott

Last night I'm thump'in though the channels, hit CSPAN, there is a Senator talking about gas prices. He Say's the gas will be $4.00 a gal. this summer! :) Then He says, There is no reason for that, in Illinois they have 250 years of coal and that if a "Coal to oil plant" was built there we would have enough oil to supply all we need for 250 years!! :) My wife comes home and tells me they found the largest oil Fields in the world in the Midwest!! So here is a Senator on the floor of the senate, in public view, saying "For the record" there should be no "Oil crisis". We should be able to drive our over sized, gas guzzling, oil burning trucks for almost nothing!! :thumb Now, all the Senators :thumb know that, the President :) knows that, I bet even Al Gore :) knows that! I am so disappointed with our presidential candidates I wasn't even gonna vote!! What's it gonna that to wake these :rollin up? I thought $3.00 would work! Maybe $3.50? I don't know!

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It's already over 4.00 here. :rollin

I keep hearing the national average is around 3.35 and I'm like WTF? Then they say the highest priced gas is in San Fransisco at around 3:60, :)

Already over 4 a gallon :) , whatchu think summer prices will go to :) It's 3.39 here for regular, diesel is 4.06 and still climbing. I think it's all a scam, oil companies are thriving off of the inflated prices and our government is sure to be thriving off of it and we are left being broke. It cost me 20 dollars a day just to go to work and back home, that sux.

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Guest Tintim

Oil is a finite resource - it takes millions of years to make. If you Google Peak Oil you will see we have gone past the stage where we can just turn the tap on a little more to meet our demannds.

Couple that with the increase in wealth and population of china and India 1.4 Billion and 1.1 billion respectively where car sales are booming. I think you'll see $150 dollar oil by the end of the year - it already set a new record today at $113 a barrel.

As for using vegetable oil, bio diesel and ethanol these and climate change are having a knock on effect in food prices http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2007...d.climatechange.

IMO Life isn't going to get any easier or cheaper.

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gas prices suck, but we have noticed a lot of people are getting a second or third good gas mileage car or small truck....McCain was talking about taking the taxes off gas for the summer...we did 3 Beetles and 2 Prius' last week, simple money makers...plus we can fit three of them in the shop...meanwhile I live close enough to my shop to walk, get me some walking shoes...well they went up too... :twocents

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