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Save your large liners for removals

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If you are facing a large commercial or residential film removal, instead of using trash bags to pre-soak the film, use large liners saved from previous film installations. They don't take a lot of space to store, just roll them up on an old core, or fold them and put them in a box.

They work great for large panes and you don't risk thermal fracture that you might using black bags to sweat off the old film.

For those that aren't familiar with sweating off flat glass film;

Sometimes removing flat glass window film can be a real chore, especially if you have a lot of them to do. Instead of just going at it with your triumph scraper, try pre soaking them with your slip solution or your favorite film removal solution. Wet the film and cover with old liners to keep it wet. The time needed to soak can vary, so let it soak for a while and then check a corner to see if it will come off any easier, if not, respray any areas that may have dried and let it soak longer. Occasionally, if successful the film will just ease off the glass, often taking some of the adhesive with it.

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