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Couple Installs

Guest Josh @ Proform

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Guest Josh @ Proform

The GT500 received full hood, full fenders, front bumper and headlights

The 599 GTB received 36 inch hood and matching fenders, front bumper, headlight, mirrors, rocker panels, splash guards, gas cap, door handles, door cups, and fender symbol covers.








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Guest Josh @ Proform
looks good..I taught you well............ :lol .

I hear alot of positive words about you guys.....keep up the good work.......... :lol


Thanks, we try to provide good support without all the rhetoric.

awesome...wish we had some of your custys...just been doing Bugs and Prius'....not such a thrill...

Actually, I often wish we did more "normal" cars. Most of these exotics use tons of film and rarely show up on time. Rather than 45 min installs, like the x5 I did last week, Mark and I spend 4 hours doing full coverages like the GT500 (more of a domestic bad ass than an exotic).

The grass is always greener

thats a great market.... :lol2

Mike and Pro-Tect have done a good job nurturing the market and turning standoff-ish dealerships into good customers,.. its all about customer service.

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