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That freakin' hurt!

Guest SoCar

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I'm gonna call my olfa "Rambo". That devil drew first blood yesterday. LOL

Tell the truth, you were checking out the chick watching you, and not what you were doing :thumb

Thats called a hex, your wifey knew what you were doing, and gave you a little warning :dunno:thumb

tallscott, no kidding LOL I tried to farm it out...oh well lol

yeah, yeah, said I was sorry already, but I did buy a first aid kit a while back to keep in the truck for the next job we got :nope

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Guest kflemin9

still no olfa cuts for me (knock on wood) but did get some nice cuts yesterday from the fence by the dumpster and today I sliced my wrist on the inner dash bracket of an econoline installing a gps unit.. ford needs to invest in a grinder for those things...

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