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Just over 2 months and I get another tattoo

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Okay I should be done for a while, I mainly went since my sister was gettin a half sleve finished and she is moving so we had a little "tattoo bonding day".

Its another memorial for my friend Nate. His initials for "Nathaniel Russel Butler" and the part number on the connecting rod is the day he was born and passed. I really dig it, I hoped it wouldnt be visible with a polo on but you can see just a tiny bit. I guess its long sleved shirts for me in the professional world... which I already expected.

Nates father passed away yesterday, he has battled terminal cancer for just over five years. He is at peace now, and he said his goodbyes to his family. Rest in peace Nathaniel Butler Sr.


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Could you edit the nipple out :evilgrin

Lol, I know sorry!

Unless I'm shirtless they arent noticable, if I'm shirtless... well we better be comfotable to be shirtless so I'm sure tat's wont matter.

I regret my tattoo, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that I'm a little older I hate it.

the memorial is cool

I regret mine too :rollin

whatcha got Z?

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