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Does tint darken as the glue dries

Guest lazykid

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Guest lazykid

I had my back window tinted 5% last year and its dark! I just had my front windows retinted to 5%(doctors note allowed me to do this) and the front does not look as dark as the back. It has been applied for about 3 hours now and I know the glue must dry for a minimum of 3 days.(Tint shop said DO NOT roll them down!) What I am wondering is will the tint get a little darker when the glue dries or did they not really put 5 and went with 10 on there. I asked and they said it's 5% and that it will darken a little more when the glue dries because it's so fresh and needs to adhere better. They also said it could take up to 7 days to dry completly. I am not driving the car for the atleast a week because it's not my Daily driver at the moment.

The shop I used was sunstoppers.net I love the way it turned out and it has no bubbles on it but was just wondering about if they did not put 5% on their when it's what I requested. Appreciate any advice and sorry if this is in the wrong section. I just found this place from google and not sure what is what around here.

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The front windows always look a little lighter from the outside than the rear windows do, as there's light coming in at the front of the car, depending on the angle you are looking at it from.

I'm surprised the medical exemption didn't say it needs to be removable at night. What state are you in and can you post a copy of the exemption or at least it's wording?

The film wont get any darker as it dries, the surface haze will clear up, but not get darker.

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Guest lazykid

Dang. I thought it would get a little darker....Oh well...I guess it's better than no tint at all. Regardless, I have polarized sunglasses and a 3 inch stripa cross the windshield. My doctors note has my name, my SSN, doctors phone # and says "my name" has extreme sensitivity to light, must wear contacts, and is allowed to tint his veichle no darker than 5% due to this condition. If you have any quiestions regarding this matter, feel free to conact me. then she signed her name, and wrote her # down. Dcotor office DID say, that I need to take that to the DMV and get a official form for it. They will give me a sticker to put on my back window and put it on my file. I also have to carry and show a letter to a officer if I am pulled over for it. If you have melanoma(spelling) or have had a stroke, you can even get your windshield tinted some. I wouldn't do that even if I was allowed to. Way to dangerous. What kind of tint are you talking about taking off and putting back on? That might be a good idea since I don't need it at night time. Would it bubble up and get dirty or is it static cling? Interesting though...

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Guest lazykid

(e) Defense. – It is a defense to a charge of driving a vehicle with an unlawfully

tinted window that the tinting was removed within 15 days after the charge and the

window now meets the window tinting restrictions. To assert this defense, the person

charged shall produce in court, or submit to the prosecuting attorney before trial, a

certificate from the Division of Motor Vehicles or the Highway Patrol showing that the

window complies with the restrictions.

(f) Medical Exception. – A person who suffers from a medical condition that

causes the person to be photosensitive to visible light may obtain a medical exception

permit. To obtain a permit, an applicant shall apply in writing to the Drivers Medical

Evaluation Program and have his or her doctor complete the required medical evaluation

form provided by the Division. The permit shall be valid for five years from the date of

issue, unless a shorter time is directed by the Drivers Medical Evaluation Program. The

renewal shall require a medical recertification that the person continues to suffer from a

medical condition requiring tinting.

A person may receive no more than two medical exception permits that are valid at

any one time. A permit issued under this subsection shall specify the vehicle to which it

applies, the windows that may be tinted, and the permitted levels of tinting. The permit

shall be carried in the vehicle to which it applies when the vehicle is driven on a highway.

The Division shall give a person who receives a medical exception permit a sticker to

place on the lower left-hand corner of the rear window of the vehicle to which it applies.

The sticker shall be designed to give prospective purchasers of the vehicle notice that the

windows of the vehicle do not meet the requirements of G.S. 20-127(b), and shall be

placed between the window and the tinting when the tinting is installed. The Division

shall adopt rules regarding the specifications of the medical exception sticker. Failure to

display the sticker is an infraction punishable by a two hundred dollar ($200.00) fine.

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If you get something from the DMV can you post it?

I noticed you said DMV, which means you might be in California, if that's the case, then the screening material MUST be removable at night.

That means cling-on window film.

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Guest lazykid

No. Two diferent shops did it. The shop that did the back window went out of business. They gave me a lifetime warranty on it but it does me no good since they are no longer in business. This new shop said I get no warranty and said he is not writing me a receipt! I was kind of shocked but, that is his choice. I have the car, he has his money so everyones happy. Thanks for the responses!!

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Guest lazykid
If you get something from the DMV can you post it? I noticed you said DMV, which means you might be in California, if that's the case, then the screening material MUST be removable at night. That means cling-on window film.

Sure. I don't mind. It's just a sticker. I am from N.C. California is strict on everything though. DMV=Division of Motor Veichles. I thought that's what it was called in everystate? Are you going to try to get a exemption or???

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