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TintShop Pro Software - Program Finished

Guest dgredd

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Guest dgredd

We've completed all development and testing of version 1 of TintShop Pro.

It's been a long time coming. This is a "Feature Complete" version that will be helpful for the Automotive Window Tinting Shops in the areas of pricing, scheduling of jobs, and invoicing. We plan to release several "Feature Upgrades" over the next couple of months allowing more "Bells and Whistles" for use in the software.

We are now preparing it for "Demo Packaging" so you can download it from our site. This will probably take a couple of days or so. We are also getting the documentation ready to make the usage of our software as easy as possible. Most users will find this a very helpful product as it has over 3000 (3 thousand) different models in it's database to allow easy price quote management. There is just about every imaginable combination available for you to price your tint jobs to your customers. Or, more pratically, it will allow a person answering the phone to accuratley quote prices to the customer without you, the installer, having to run to the phone every 10 minutes to give someone a price. This is one of the major features of the software.

Please visit our "unfinished<g>" website at www.tintshoppro.com for more information. Another announcement will be made here when a "downloadable" version is on the site.


Don Redd


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