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Add blinds, shutters, shades & draperies to your business

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Guest CCWT

As a licensed partner with Clear Choice USA, you can now stop outsourcing blinds, shutters and window coverings to other vendors. Bring that business in-house and add more revenue and profits to your tinting business.

Join our other 120+ locations in the United States and Canada that are building a business in windows, blinds, shutters and more.

This opportunity allows you to add a business in window coverings (blinds, plantation shutters, draperies, etc) that can be run along side of your existing window tinting business. The opportunity requires no inventory to carry and can yield $50,000 + in the first year. This is not a franchise, but rather a licensed dealer.

Our website is www.clearchoicewindowtreatments.com to learn more on how we go to market.

Do you need an interior design or window coverings background? No - we will train and support you with everything you need to get started and be successful.

Please feel free to call me direct or email me for more information. I can send you additional information in the mail or via email for your to review.


Matthew Gardner

Clear Choice USA - National Headquarters and Training Facility in Atlanta, GA



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