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Zenesis Alarms launches Z-602 with 1.3" OLED remote

Guest ZenesisAlarms

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Guest ZenesisAlarms

Hi guys,

My name is James Lee, and I'm one of the online service reps for Zenesis Alarms. It's great to be back on the forum - since my days of an installer, I've used this site from time to time.

I'm just here to provide information - mostly news and announcements about our company's new products.

Most of you probably have not heard of Zenesis Alarms, so I'll start off with a very quick rundown.

Zenesis Alarms is a 5 year old company with sales in South Korea, Japan, Australia, Russia, Dubai, and various parts of Europe. It's #2 in total sales of highend 2 way alarms in South Korea and Japan. We launched in North America in 2006. Having done hundreds of R&D with North American spec vehicles, our official sales launch was back in August of 2007. Currently we have sales network established in Canada through 3 large scale distributors that will handle Eastern Canada, Western Canada and Quebec Province (due to the french language difference). We are now expanding into the US market and is currently evaluating distribution channels.

So, as the title states, Zenesis Alarms just launched the new Z-602 series.


It is a 2-way FM communication alarm/starter unit (comes with alarm only version as well), that features a 1.3" WIDESCREEN OLED remote with improved distance of 1+ mile. There's a misconception of 1+ mile capability only being possible with a 900Mhz frequency. This is not true as the 433Mhz frequency is powerful enough to do the same range as well. In theory, yes the 900 Mhz is powerful, but it also has much more interference from other appliances (most cordless phones from before are 900Mhz for example). Our engineers chose to use 433Mhz over the 900Mhz based on this field study.

The unit comes standard with a Z-PASS module which allows users to unlock their vehicles without using key or remote. - Perfect when you lock your keys inside the car by accident. There is a 10 digit number sequence that goes around the window patch. Whenever your pin code lights up, you knock on it - just like entering a pin code for your banking. Once all 4 digits are accepted, it will unlock the vehicle for you. This is completely safe to use and will not compromise security. Remember, you only use this for emergency situations and it is not a series of "knocks", but a timed sequence.

The Z-602 is PACKED with features such as turbo timers, temperature/vehicle status, on-board menu programming, dataport RS232, timed starts, code-hopping, etc.

Zenesis has already sponsored several featured vehicles and its popularity is gaining. Simply do a search on google for "Zenesis Alarms", and you'll see what customers are saying about our products.

The Z-602 series competes with Viper 7900 (or similar DEI) OLED remote based systems, and Autopage RS-1000.

MSRP on the Z-602 is $320 USD.

For more details, visit www.zenesisalarms.com.


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