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So I'm a CEO

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Can you effin believe it? I'm CEO of www.titronics.com . amazing huh...at least for those who remember me. I got the job a few months ago as sales and marketing and apparently I did something right because they named me CEO this week meaning if I decide to stay with the company I can solely own it someday if I want or I can sell my stock that I accumulated whenever I want and go my own way...crazy eh? The drunken college kid that tinted his way through school is now an effin CEO... everybody who knows me, thanks for being a friend and all that bullshit etc... Ric thanks for givin a site such as this for people like me to learn and finally to me for making the best emoticon ever :rest:spit:hmmm:spit

Cheers peoples!


Chris Traeger

Chief Executive Officer


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Guest haroldshouseoftint

:spit So your head janitor now?

CEO= Clean Everything Off.................... just ask my wife, she's CEO of my business :hmmm:rest:spit:lol2

J/K, Congrats, nice to see someone make something of themselves (Other than this :skit:hmmm ) :lol:lol2

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