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Who put RF blocking film on disgraced O.C. Cop's windows

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Acting on a tip from Orange County's interim sheriff, federal agents Friday removed a hidden video recording system that Carona had installed in his office.

Carona had also installed devices in the ceiling and windows to block recordings by people wearing wires.

Lawyers for the former sheriff, who is awaiting trial on political corruption charges, said the cameras were a security precaution, contained no audio and would provide no evidence for prosecutors.

I have always thought the idea that corrupt cops constitute only a "few bad apples" to be bullshit.

The real number is likely higher as this profession attracts bullys and creeps of all stripes.

I say take the number of people who are "bad apples" in society at large and multiply it by a factor or 2x or 3x in light of the above/previous sentence.

We Americans have a lot of nerve to be talking about how corrupt the police are elsewhere. :linedrink

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It strickes me as funny that all the PTA mom do gooders got all pissy about how slutty Mischa Barton et al were being portrayed in the hit TV series "The OC".

Seems they should be more concerned about their slutty head Sheriff. You'd think that with OC being one of the largest and richest county is the land they could find a head cop that did not run it like the Dukes of Hazard.


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Guest onesmf

What makes you so righteous? Perfect in every way, are you? I love when people want to paint with such a broad brush and make blanket statements. Especially when they have absolutley no knowledge or experience on the topic. Just because you "know" someone who is a cop or got a speeding ticket doesn't mean squat. Every profession has their share of corrupt or narrow minded individuals, however they are never brought to light by the simple fact that its not news and they are not constantly in the spotlight. I feel sorry for the honest, righteous cop that may have to deal with you some day. And people wonder why they become so jaded. Because they have to deal with myopic individuals like this, EVERY DAY!

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I see you are getting off to a friendly start here.

Your first post and you are all ready setting people straight.

I'd say you are the Taliban wantabe here my friend.

Oh and BTW,

certain stations in life: Minister, Policeman, Judge are SUPPOSED to avoid the mere appearance of wrong-doing not just ACTUAL wrong doing.

They can and should be held to a higher standard in exchange for the privileges they receive.

Ever heard of "professional courtesy" ?

Next time you are humping some cop's leg...ask him what it means.

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there is a benefit to look for the good in this world ; cynicism becomes a word not a practise.

it is only intellectuall honesty to see the dishonesty operating as the norm in many other societies,

it is the exception in America, as long as we hold to checks and balances . :lol

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