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Seems slow here

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well.... I haven't been around for a while , maybe thats the reason :dunno:rollin

glad to see you back :krazy what's been up?

I've been slow on the pc but busy as hell on about everything else I geuss . I'm getting my house ready to put it on the market again..They are going to take some picture tomorrow to put it on the net ...its time for some changes .

And we are getting our first employe in ..he 'll start in a few weeks . He has no experiance at all ( its hard to find an experianced guy over here) . I'm gonna try and make him a moneymaker ASAP , I can tint a bit but have never trained someone Soo you can expect a call when I screw it up :dunno

I'm also working on a GIANT deal for the moment . But is taking some time to pull them in... I'm talking about 2 28 story towers and about 5200 m² of film ( remove the old safety and reinstall some new one) we'll see what happens ....

its time for some time off....

Any big changes around here I should know off ....I did pick up the OLFABLADE rumor a while ago when I was in vegas btw.. thast about the last I've hurd I geuss ....

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I bet he means the Foo is slow. This place always gets a little slow during summer. :evilgrin

Yes, I mean Bar :thumb

That's why I come with own freezer and Vodka.

Really look slow.

But - economy is also slow. And I trhink in Latvia much worse than in USA now.

Summer - but 1-2 car per week for tinting :thumb - was 10-12 per day some years ago...And that's in ALL tintshops in RIga :evilgrin

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