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Car/Truck?Motorcyle/Boat Shows/Golf Tournaments

Guest S and S

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Guest S and S

If you pay to sponsor these...usually about 25 bucks around here..you get a shizznet load of people that will see your add on the board...pays off a lot for us!!!!!!!

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Guest thetintshop

I make the score boards for our local golf tournament and they let me put my logo on it. haven't seen a single job from it yet. advertising is a waste of hard earned money around here.

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You have to be careful of where you sponsor. I found parking benches, golf greens and score cards, the back of grocery receipts, and radio spots to be a waste of money. The return was less than the investment.

When I did auto, I kept a booth in the Corvette Nationals each year, great audience.

Direct mail is a crap shoot.

TV is expensive, but most profitable for me. I wrote each ad, even included my bulldog in one ad inside a Porshe convertable with sunglasses. People understand visual, but they don't listen.

Key thing is you need to come up with a slogan and paste it everywhere. Look at the milk counsel, "Got Milk" Ford, "Have you driven a Ford lately", etc. When I did auto was mine, "It is not how good you look, its how good you look in your car." I did everything from pinstripes to running boards. Every radio and TV spot ended with that.

Oh and another good marketing tool. Join a networking group that meets every week. These groups only allow one company within that type of industry. It costs me $275 for the year, and $15 for lunch each week. This year I have installed about $9 K through referals. pretty good return!

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Guest FastBackJack

We put our logo on a Sprint Car for a couple years. It worked alright. Hell the race fans saw it like 50 times. Round and around and around. We got a few jobs from it. The driver was a girl too, so everyone came to watch her. Our logo was nice and visible. :lol

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I had my logo on an Indy car for a few years.

It was pretty cool to stand in pit row with your logo on your back and also on the car.

The only recognition I got was when people walked in the shop and saw a picture of the car on the waiting room.

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I sponsor two vehicles: One is a late model race car at a local paved oval, and the other is a pull truck that moves around the state.

For the sponsorship on the pull truck, all I did was tint his windows for free. The late model, I buy him a fresh set of tires a couple of times a year.

Both have paid off for me.

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This was back when CART was the only thing, '92 and '93.

I just bought a new computer, but no time to set it up and transfer my files to the new one.

Once I get that done I will scan a pic of the logo. Dobson was the driver, if you look at Indy books that date back then, you will see the logo on the nose cone.

Last time I was at Indy was two years ago and sat first row right under the flag stand. Plan on going next year.

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:lol When we start our business we also sponsored some shows and take part in other. Once there come idea to me: BETTER TO ORGANIZE my own show :woowoo:lol:lol . And we did it. We organize one huge show AutoExotica (www.autoexotica.lv) in Riga. It is very popular - where R in the middle of Europe and to 55 000 peoples visit it. Other smal AutoPilot parties - U saw the pictures from it :lol:lol:lol6 - open air parties with lot of Vodka :lol6:lol6:hump Appr. we organize to 5 parties per year. Believe me - it is cheaper and much more effective than simply to sponsor shows. We sponsor show cars - we R not so rich to bild lot of own cars (we have three own cars). But we support 4 lowriders (VOLVO!!!! :lol:rollin:thumb ), 2 BigFoots - Lambo&BMW :lol6:lol6:lol6 , and our three cars FROGGY, ULTIMA and IceCoolNeonJeans (planed to LowBigFoot :lol:woowoo:rollin ). As I know there R no window film teams organizing their shows and have such showcar team :lol Our last show visited james Bond car. Next show we R waiting new Batmobile from future Batman movie. Attached - DARTZ.ULTIMA
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