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Best Cop Story ?

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Here is mine.

I had just purchased a car from a Municipal Surplus Vehicle Auction.

Had all papers from the city, along with all the papers from the Auction Company.

Temporary plate in the back window.

Driving along, a cop coming towards me spins a U-Turn and hits his lights.

I am WTF? I am pinned right on the speed limit ! His problem was that I did not have license plates on the car, even though the temporary plate was quite visible. Everything was 100% legal, not even any tint on the windows !

Producing all the paperwork from the city, and Auction Company, he still could not understand why I had no plates on the car.

After 20 min, he finally let me go on my way with the warning "if I see you again with no plates in this car, I will take you to jail, no questions asked!"

I then drove to a place where a friend who is high ranking on the PD was working security, and filled him on the events which had just transpired. Told him the name on the badge, turns out the guy was a Rookie, said he would address it the next day in pre shift briefing. This, after he finally quit laughing !

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My best cop story is when I was about 17 and was driving this old POS buick on the freeway and it overheated, a cop pulled up behind me and offered to call a tow truck for me and when I told him that I couldn't afford a tow, he said, "I'm not supposed to do this...get in your car, I'm going to push you to the off-ramp."

He used his cruiser's bumper bar to push me to the off-ramp where I was able to wait until the car cooled off and was on my way. I couldn't thank him enough. :beer

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I'll have to admit to a not so proud past but here goes, I was 17 my friend and I were staking a claim to items that weren't legally our's ( I think its called stealing) we were going through a marina unloading whatever wasn't attached to the boats ,piling it on the dock when 3 patrol car pulled up with lights on ,we slipped off the dock and were hiding under some sea weed and thought we had eluded them ( for about 15 mins.) then they started combing under the dock. we were caught ,taken to jail and set there overnight . the next day they told us we were charged with grand larceny ,

To make a long story short my friends dad was a county detective and somehow got the charges dropped to petty larceny ,that was all it took to see the light. I can honestly say ,therefore but by the grace of God ,go I :makeout

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