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Went to do a residential estimate today. Walked in, three 3ft x 5ft great room windows elevated about 12 feet from the floor. The custy said he already applied some Gila film to his slider doors and the lower great room windows. I was afraid to look. First all he did was the lower pane of each bottom window and there was about a 1/4 inch uneven gap all the way around. The slider doors..OMG! same gap but he had a 14" crease near the bottom on one of them. I so wanted to take some pictures to post but....I felt real bad cause the couple were very nice and didnt have a problem admitting he got in over his head. Even with all that I couldnt talk him into letting me remove that crap and reinstall some professional film. This was a very nice house (2200 sf) not more than 5 years old. He said he spent well over $150 on the gila after making a few mistakes. He did accept my quote on the upper three windows (Geo-30). Before he left he asked if I would be willing to sell him some of my film in case he wanted to do the remaining windows in his house. :lol6 I know people have budgets, but for a few more hundred dollars on top of what he spent on the Gila, he could of had the other two windows and slider done right.....

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There are no free lunches....and there will always be a confused customer that thinks they will get the moon for dirt cheap prices. We get requests all the time for us to "just sell" our film, but 1. This is how I earn a living and 2. when they experience thermal stress or any other warranty issue, they will not be happy customer's...so NO...we don't sell films. I sell the service to install my films, if they want DIY kits...well Lowe's can help them out.

They might be nice people, but guess what, nice people don't get discounts either. They got a discount job the first time, and if they didn't learn from that experience, well they can live with what they have on their windows.

I have a customer that lives in a high end community that has a view on a golf course and struggles to pay for film installation. I gave her a bid last year, they tinted only 3 windows when they have about 15 facing the same direction, they called again this year to get a few more tinted, but can't wrap their head around paying for it. So guess what? They will keep their foil up in their windows another summer in their $400k golf course view home :thumb .

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Remember this. You will be training this person to tint when you do the installation. Watch and see. If he asked for you to sell him film, he is going to watch your every move when you do the work to figure out 'how you do it' !!! Do not, under any circumstance, sell them film. only offer a quote for the remaining windows, should they want them done!

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Guest FilmBlazer

Man'o'man'o'man. Maybe they will change their mind once you get the geo 30 up.

Here is my quick story for today.... A customer in a nice community.... Telephone bid (1) 30 x 30 window I quoted high... Its a 30 minute drive one way... She has called me (3) times to try and beat me up b/c she spoke with my competitor who said he would do it for $30 or $40. I told her I simply can't do that or I would go out of business. I suggested that she use his services if she is looking for the best price as I am not the company to offer it. Seriously how can she expect someone to drive there and spend 30 minutes installing doing paperwork for less than a Benjamin and a half. I'm trying to make money not buy myself lunch for the day!

You will be back eventually CE once they take some ammonia to those sliders :thumb

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